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After successfully completing a degree in biotechnology, we parted ways. But just two years later we met again on the master’s course in pharmaceutical biotechnology. Shortly afterwards, the idea of founding a company arose. We came together, which led to what we are today: Pure Plant Biotech Ltd.! 

Now we are about to be founded. We are still in the research and development phase, which is why no products are available from us yet. However, we strive to manufacture the highest quality products and provide our customers with one  excellent service and good customer support. 
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Transparent communication


Our mission

We have made it our mission to produce 100% natural plant extracts. Thanks to our platform technology, we are able to produce any extract on demand, offering our customers versatility and tailored solutions. Through innovative production methods, we focus on environmental sustainability and excellent products to improve people's lives and promote sustainability.

Our vision

Our vision is to create better everyday skin care products by providing valuable and sustainably produced plant extracts, setting new industry standards for effectiveness, quality and sustainability and thereby effecting positive change in the cosmetics industry and beyond.

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That's what we stand for

We at Pure Plant Biotech AG are convinced that sustainably produced and 100% natural plant extracts are the key to the production of valuable cosmetics of the highest quality. We make it our mission to make a significant contribution to a sustainable world using innovative production methods.


We are unique because we not only produce valuable plant extracts, but also make a contribution to a sustainable environment - we take this responsibility seriously.

Make the difference

Making the world a better place in terms of sustainability is our mission. We want to achieve this by making a difference with our products and making the world a little more sustainable.


We always want to conduct new research in the field of botany, because our curiosity to discover new products drives us to do so.


Better and more innovative products result from the creativity of our technical experts.

Free from pesticides

Sustainable production

Not genetically modified

Our pitch deck

We would be very happy if you would take the time to look at our pitch deck. The presentation provides a comprehensive overview of our company, our vision and our goals. If you have any questions or would like further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at Thank you for your interest in our company!

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